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          Service hotline

          +86 519 6988 8566


          Deep qualification

          Rich experience and rapid development in the industry

          Rich variety

          Multiple brands, thousands of product specifications

          Widely used

          Provide different products in different fields

          Model selection

          Provide technical support

          Solid alloy milling cutter
          Good wear resistance
          High elastic modulus
          High bending strength
          Good chemical stability
          Good impact resistance and toughness
          Solid carbide drill
          High-hard coating, ingenious manufacturing

          Special for quenching
          Never make a false bid
          CNC blade
          High precision thread
          Efficient cutting
          Smooth chip removal
          Smooth and burr-free

          About us

          Focus on tungsten steel materials and CNC tools

              Changzhou Xili Company was founded in 2007, with a registered capital of 5 million RMB, located in Xixia, a famous tool town in China. It is a high and new technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a director unit of Tool Association. At present, there are about 80 employees. Xili company is mainly engaged in.…

          16 +
          Industry core in 2016
          technical precipitation
          30 +
          Senior products
          R&D team
          12 +
          Set up offices
          60 +
          Independent patent
          qualification certificate

          Qualification certification

          Build a diversified cooperation model
          Widely win the trust of thousands
          of customers around the world

          ISO9001/2008 quality certification system
          Enterprise safety standardization management system
          More than 60 independent patents
          Electronic certificate
          Electronic certificate
          Electronic certificate
          Electronic certificate
          Electronic certificate
          Electronic certificate
          to grant authorization
          Electronic certificate
          Quality Management Certificate

          Xeeliner alloy technical support

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